"ceoBig Sector with Big Opportunities!!

Leisure & Entertainment, as we see it, is a NECESSITY in our ever evolving smart world. Today, Family Leisure is a part of every family's or individual's weekly activity and, whilst addressing our region more specifically, it always involves amusement and thus entertainment and mostly indoors as a part of a retail development.

At Al - Othaim Leisure, our strategy has always been to create Dynamic, Visually Stimulating and Attractive Leisure & Entertainment Spaces that will appeal across age groups and offer wholesome yet Safe Family Fun. At our FEC we back our superior quality entertainment offering with value added customer service and efficient operations.

This apart, we strive to understand the synergetic relationship that exists between the Retail, F&B and Fun Components and ensure that the leisure facility plays its part as a KEY SERVICE ANCHOR by attracting the right demographic and inducing increased dwell times.

Retail and leisure are closely associated to each other , you cannot have FEC without retail , same you cannot have retail without leisure, it is like the two sides of coins , between them offer a family a complete range of leisure pursuits, shopping , dining & Fun in a package which is wholesome healthy and unique.

In our quest to become a leader in the Family Entertainment business, we continue to expand our Family Entertainment Operations into new cities within the Middle East, and the Indian Sub-Continent. Our profile showcases a few of our current projects and also shares a glimpse of the next generation's entertainment concepts we have in our works. We are truly in the business of FUN!!

Fahad Abdullah Al Othaim