Faby Land

Faby Fox

The character of Faby land

Unlimited fun
My happy fox takes you to the world of entertainment and pleasure without limit, if you are confused between the choices of entertainment, and my father is present, various games for all ages and social groups, with enjoyable choices, and you live in adventure atmosphere, new experiments, continuous festivals, and performances that stop with the most modern,
All the Games function easily through a specialized and integrated system and with experienced staff ready to serve you fully.
My father is the right place where you spend fun and entertainment without feeling your time and there are happy memories, all joy. Feeless without limit And you find him in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates, and Oman.


Faby Land Branches in Saudi Arabia

1-Faby Land, Rashid Mall Abha  (Press here)
2-Faby Land, Tabuk Park  (Press here)
3-Faby Land, West Avnio Mall  (Press here)

Big Group Games:
The group games of various kinds each play has its own enjoyable experience in which the family lives on its assets with your owners, family, and who you like.


Electronic games:
E-games live in all their forms and types, and play and simpler with different modern games suitable for ages and types, they can go to a group without borders.


Children’s Games:
The children’s games are not scared for your children and I paint laughing with safe games and no harm for every one to six years old.


Award Games:
The awards games are simpler and live in enthusiasm, challenge and winning with us in the various award games, with which you can greatest, best and most enjoyable games.