Saffori Land

the camel Saffori

The character of Saffori land

the camel Saffori  is the character of Saffori land. Saffori loves fun and pleasure and turns the place and a person and creates the atmosphere of happiness and pleasure around it and where it goes. If you are looking for entertainment, and entertainment with a variety of games suitable for all tastes and ages, they will be received in Saffori

All the Games function easily through a specialized and integrated system and with experienced staff ready to serve you fully.

The latest games are provided in the best, best quality, most secure and comfortable to maintain your safety. My ambassadors are currently present in 11 recreational center equipped through the best European companies, which have been carefully selected and with interest in achieving comfort and indefinite entertainment, Saffori land, in short, the right place for children and family for happiness and enjoying, and living memories and unforgettable experiences.


Saffori Land Branches of Saudi Arabia

1-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mol Al-Rabwa (Press here)
2-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mall Kharis (Press here)
3-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mall Buraydah (Press here)
4-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mall Hail (Press here)
5-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mol Al-Damam (Press here)
6-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mall Ar’ar (Press here)
7-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mall Al-Ahsa (Press here)
8-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Mall Aniza (Press here)
9-Saffori Land, Al-Othim, Sweden (Press here)
9-Saffori Land, Al-Othim Road, King Abdullah (Press here)

Big Group Games:
The collective games of all kinds are each of their own games and a different experience in which real happiness lives with your owners and who you like.

Electronic games:
E-Games live in all their forms and types and enjoy modern games of different kinds and fit all ages.

Children’s Games:
Children’s games with them do not fear your children and live happily with safe games and no harm appropriate for each of the ages of 1 to 6.

Award Games:
Awards games I enjoy and live with enthusiasm, challenge and win with us in the various award games, you can win the greatest and best of the various games