Xtreme land

Xtreme land

The Integrated Leisure pleasurer

Xtreme land is a complete, integrated world of entertainment for children and their families is big, Xtreme land, and it considers a new and different shift in the world of entertainment, comfort, better, new, and good, and this is not diverse and many. All this is so that it suits all the tastes of young people and

Games and activities:
The city of Xtreme land contains multiple leisure’s over 48000 area and includes the latest games such as.

The Al-Afwani train, the theatre of the seventh dimension, the giant climb game and many other leisure
activities that suit young people of both sexes.

Also, in Xtreme land, the children have many recreational activities such as the Trampoline Park and the maze game, as well as the famous toddler game in an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere.

 Xtreme land branches

Xtreme land Qatar Mall  (Press here)