Al-Othaim Real Estate Investment and Development Company

With 58 years of aspiration to the Summit, development and investment comes at the forefront of the companies in the field of the establishment, management and operation of large commercial complexes, under the chain of “Othaim Mall” and is one of the most prominent companies in the Saudi economic sector, engaged in the establishment, operation and management of major commercial complexes. It is a quality addition to the system of giant commercial complexes to adopt the best and finest specifications, and its interest in applying innovative concepts of shopping and entertainment to meet the wishes and aspirations of customers of different ages, where it meets under its umbrella the best international and local fashion stores, in addition to the Distinguished from restaurants and modern family entertainment cities. Al Othaim Investment aims to uniqueness the new vision of shopping and family entertainment that meets the aspirations of visitors of different ages, social situations and the centers have their distinctive locations and easy to reach wherever you are, and also characterized by touches designed with innovation, creativity and the best quality, where care was Care for the finer details and implementation with high quality will suit our customers and meet their wishes.

where it owns 8 commercial complexes and these complexes are:
1-Othaim Mall Rabwa Riyadh
2-Othaim Mall Buraydah
3-Othaim Mall Hail
4-Othaim Mall Khurais Riyadh
5-Othaim Mall Dammam
6-Othaim Mall Arar
7-Othaim Mall Al-Ahsa
8-Othaim Mall Unaizah

There are future projects that are under way, including future projects:
1-Al Mashreq Mall Hafar Al
2-City Mall Khafji